Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Art Supplies

I have been thinking about starting an art journal for quite some time. Today I am going to gather my supplies. You know I am a gatherer. The hunting is already done. I have lots of art supplies.

My journey begins today, yep, right after I post this.
I already did some research and visited some art blogs. Yeah, some even have tutorials, life is good. See, I've got my pumpkin spice latte sitting right next to me. I need lots to keep me inspired.

Then I found my sketch book. Surprise, I had some sketches already in there. I must have been inspired before. Yummmmm.

Gotta have lots and lots of magazine. I'm not short on those. But if more publications cease, I'm in really big trouble.

Watercolor pencils, yep, got them.

Watercolor and brushes, got lots of them.

Now, we get to the important part. You know, I don't want to get parched when I'm creating. I may want to whistle while I work. Don't you just love this little tea cozy. Boy, I could start a whole new post on just that cutie. Ok, back on track. Creative minds are a scary place to be sometimes. Too many inspiring thoughts. I promise I won't pick up my knitting needles.

My mug has to match my teapot. How can I be creative if I don't match or as we designers say, blend.....

Check, check, check, I've got all my stuff. Now I'm going to get inside my head for a little while. This could get messy. I'll keep you posted, pun intended.

Till next time, Happy Decorating

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prof en retraite said...

An art journal! We will be waiting to se what develops!...Debbie