Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now You See it, Now you Don't

Did you see that?

My name is Kathleen and I have a confession to make. I have been dealing with this syndrome my entire life. Many thought that I would outgrow it. "She may be bored", they said. Others said" It may stem from being an only child". Still others said " her mind just never stops". What is it you say? I believe the medical term is called Tweaking. Yes sir ree and I am a professional. Nothing can stop me. There is no cure. I can't even stop myself. It's a scary thing, people shutter, people stare, they even say "didn't she just rearrange that"? The crowd gathers as I staighten the restroom picture. People are shoved, ripped from their chairs as I rearrange the table.

Do I hear a gasp amongst you?

So, no my dear friends, you aren't losing your mind. Your eyesight isn't playing tricks on you. This blog can change at any minute, any second, it could leap from tall buildings. It can change while your reading it, scrolling down for pictures or looking for a post.

If you just get bored or can't sleep at night, hop on over to visit me. Chances are I will be feeding my addiction and you can be the first to take a peek.

If you know of a cure, please let me know. I fear others may be suffering as well.

Till next time, Happy Decorating


Smilingsal said...

I like your new look; you KNOW I like anything blue. Tweak on!

Shelia said...

Hi Kathleen! Oh, this is cute! You know, I'm an only child too and have a little bit of this. If there's one thing out of place in a room filled with beautifulness, my eyes go to the out of place item. Well, if we get together, I'll bet we could get a lot done!
Now, I really do appreciate your kind words to me and I'm so glad I've found you!
You are a sweetie,
Shelia :)

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Love the new look - I say you are just very creative :)