Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I think that simpler is better. Do we just get caught up in too much stuff? Does it start to become a burden? Does it start to own us? Are we inundated and assaulted with noise? Are our senses on overload? Do we think that we are not producing enough, even though we are multi tasking? I find that I ask myself this more and more frequently. I hear that times were rough many years ago but I wonder, were they better in spite of adversity? Families lived closer, they didn't live as long, but did they have more quality? They even sat down at the same time every night and shared their day and a meal. Sometimes more than once a day. These are thoughts that I ponder. Don't get me wrong, I love technology and I would be lost without them. But sometimes I think that simpler is better. What about you?

As I was laying in bed this morning I was thinking about when I was a child. These are some of my thoughts.

The scent of linen sheets and cotton towels hung out to dry. Now, we buy a scented candle.The sound of a screen door slamming shut on a summer afternoon. Now we hear the motor from the garage door.

The sound of the push mower blades on a Saturday morning. Now we wake up to the sound of a small plane landing in our backyard.

Enjoying the scent of clean linen while listening to the sounds of the push mower and hearing the screen door slam and knowing that lemonade is on it's way. How Divine!

Till next time, Happy Decorating


Smilingsal said...

Did you notice that you wrote about the sounds of summer?

simpledaisy said...

Hi there...
I agree...that simpler is better!!! The truely best things in life are the simple times spent with people that you love~

once in a blue moon... said...

what a beautiful post!