Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coming Soon To A Garden Near You

It's another Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan of A Southern Daydreamer. Please visit her beautiful site and feast your eyes on some wonderful outdoor pictures.

In March amid the blow and cold,
up through the layered leaves dark mold
a golden crocus blooms alone.
Distilled from earth, rain, snow and sun,
appointment kept, the cycle run
a chalice lifts and winter's gone.

Sr. Martha Wickham, ASC Red Bud lll

Till next time, Happy Decorating


Susan said...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday Kathleen!

Oh this pictures make me wish I had planted bulbs for spring...they are gorgeous!!

Tanks for sharing them with us!


Melissa Miller said...

~Gorgeous Kathleen.
Love all the different colors. ;)

Tealady said...

Crocus are such darling little flowers. They can look like Easter eggs tucked in among the grass and greenery, just in time for Easter. Beautiful photos!

Blessings, Lana

xinex said...

What beautiful flowers and photography! Thanks for sharing!...Christine

Mama said...

Hello Kathleen, Happy OW, your bulb mosiacs are beautiful, such lovely colours, I did not get any bulbs in this year :(, so looking at yours has made me happy, Kathy.

claudie said...

Oh Kathleen
Crocus is my fav little bulb. I have all colors here at my cottage/home. When we lived in Van.B.C. they were everywhere. March was their special time to peep out, then all the tulips oh how I miss all that color right now. Oh well soon enough.
Happy OW
Love Claudie

Maryrose said...

Oh how I wish it were spring now, I am so ready for all of the beautiful color. Thanks for sharing yours. Maryrose

Light and Voices said...

Kathleen, I can't wait to see blooming crocus in our yard this Spring. It has been a winter filled with snow and cold weather here in Illinois. Photos have great color, by the way. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Love the pictures and the poems! So lovely, Kathleen! :-)

Happy OW!


Sheila :-)

mbkatc230 said...

What a pretty outdoor wednesday post! Beautiful flowers, especially love the crocus blooms. Kathy

LisaShaw said...

What BEAUITFUL flowers!!! Thank you for sharing with us.

Southern Lady said...

Kathleen, thank you for this beautiful preview of Spring.

I enjoyed your post with the pictures of writers and their dogs, too.

I hope your "Outdoor Wednesday" is filled with sunshine. Ours is cloudy, rainy, and very windy ... a nice day to stay indoors.



JudyBug said...

As LSU tiger fans (and I do mean FANS), I'm a sucker for anything purple and yellow. I love these pics!

marty39 said...

Such a wonderful picture of all of springs beauties. Gorgeous pictures. Hugs, Marty

Smilingsal said...

I was raised in MD and the crocus were the first to bloom. I miss them.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

OH!!! so pretty,beautiful flowers, I just keep getting more and more homesick for spring!!!

Lori said...

Love all the colors. Great photos.

Belinda said...

Ooohhhhh...so pretty! The colors of these crocus are just wonderful...they are a real treat for the eyes! :-)

once in a blue moon... said...

very pretty! spring has started here, its fun to see the rest of you bloom~

Lynda said...

Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing!

♥ Kathy said...

Such pretty colors :)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I too wish that I had planted bulbs for the spring. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

MeganSloan said...

Happy OW!

Love the colors! :)