Monday, March 16, 2009

Here Comes The Sun

Sunny Side Up

A delicious shade of yellow—Downy Duckling by Miller Paints—makes kitchen walls glow. "Oregon is always rainy," says homeowner Gloria Flowers. "But it's never dreary in here." The old window above the sink was revamped. Simple unlined curtains afford privacy without blocking light. Lively dishware and fresh citrus fruit add pops of fun color. A vibrant green topiary ushers the outdoors in.

Glass Act

A glass-front cabinet allows the owners to showcase favorite dishware and keeps the room looking more open and airy. A combination of carefully choreographed lighting—handsome schoolhouse lamps and fluorescent fixtures installed beneath the upper cabinets—ensures excellent illumination. Cost-effective color touches—a lemon-hued teapot and throw rug—ratchet up the kitchen's charm.

Work Order

Designer Donna DuFresne thoughtfully included deep drawers for supplies. Traditional iron hardware is era-appropriate for the house. "At first, we were worried about having a window by our range," says Gloria Flower, one of the home's owners. "But it's nice to see trees while you're cooking." The French painting came via the family of the home's other owner, Janet Gifford.


When the kitchen's original wood floor proved too damaged to rehab, the owners opted to replace it with durable, budget-savvy Marmoleum tiles (linoleum tiles made primarily from natural raw materials) in two colors. Laid on the diagonal, the generous-size tiles visually enhance the kitchen, making it seem larger. DuFresne extended the pale flooring into the adjacent pantry area—formerly a make-shift storage space with rickety shelves—for cohesiveness. Yellow walls and more white beadboard also help link the orderly pantry to the kitchen. When guests arrive—coats and hats are hung on a peg rack opposite the lofty pantry cabinet.

Make History

Arrange a focal point with artful dishes or trays. Here dark antique tole trays (a friend's gift) also add some sophistication. "Our accent color is black," says Gloria. Congenial linens—the rosy tablecloth speaks to the tray's decoration—provide harmony.

Dress Up

Sew curtains for a lackluster window. Include easy-to-open-and-close clip-on rings. Leave the panels unlined to diffuse the light. An inexpensive pull-down shade enriched with snappy trim—ribbon or braid, glued or stitched along the bottom—is a stylish alternative.

Stage a Show

Bring some zip to the picture with fruit and flowers. Unexpected containers like kitchen scales, wooden boxes or crocks give fresh-from-the-market vignettes individuality.

Photographer: Philip Clayton-Thompson

Till next time, Happy Decorating


Smilingsal said...

There's something about a pile of lemons that pulls my eye.

marty39 said...

Oh I really love this kitchen. I would be happy in it regardless of the weather. It just looks so bright and cheery and the accessories are just perfect. Just stunning. Hugs, Marty

Shannon said...

One of my favorites of Donna's doings! I'm so glad you blogged about it!