Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful Canopies

Soft and romantic mosquito netting canopies provide a soft spot to fall. I could doze away a whole day here.

Crisp and clean. The vintage red quilt make everything pop.

Just add bubbles.

Total tropical oasis.

A few weeks ago while at Goodwill I stumbled across a whole bunch of mosquito net curtains. I loved them but didn't have use for them at the moment. Okay, I am really kicking myself now. Now, I am in another house and they would have been perfect. I should practice what I preach, "Get it when you see it". So now I'm going to quietly kick myself down the street. I really use the word now alot, don't ya think. Okay, I use that alot too.

PS Is there anything that you past up at a thrift store or garage sale and are now joining me as I kick myself down the street?

Okay so I'm off for now.


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~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Love that bathroom! What an escape!