Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Dance

OK, it seems to have fixed itself. It may have been attached to my signature because I accidentally deleted my signature from the previous post. Although, it may have been planted by the dust bunnies. The problem started several hours ago. Now, I had plans to clean my house today but all you bloggers know how hard it is to step away from the computer, right? I see all of your heads nodding. You're just like me, nothing else is getting done, right? Well, when I couldn't track down the source of my image problem I did what any frustrated housewife would do..... I cleaned, Yup. I did it, dusted vacuumed and rearranged. I know, I hear all the gasps and the applause. I'm really happy now. I have a secret, I still have two more rooms to clean yet. I better get back to my dusting.


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Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Hey K, thanks for visiting today. Have a blessth Sunday.