Monday, July 13, 2009

Coral Sconces

I am totally in love with these coral sconces. Pop a white battery candle in and just admire their beauty. So, my creative self said "I could make these".

and I could make them out of manzanita branches. I'll spray paint the branches a coral red. Then I'll need a base for the candle to sit in. Maybe a large tuna can will do. I'll spray it coral red and then drill out a hole for the screw to secure it to the wall. I think I have a plan. All I need is some free time. Can anyone lend me a few?

Now, what was I saying in the previous post about not having any time with school, work, homework, studying, wash, cleaning, etc. Well, you get the picture. Sleep, maybe I don't need it????? Oh, yeah, I need it. I just remembered, napping is my favorite past time.



Laura Trevey said...

These are gorgeous!!! and so different ~~

xo Laura

LENORENEVERMORE said... coral branches!

SmilingSally said...

I thought tuna can too!

Go for it.

thriftylittleblog said...

Great idea. I think you could do it easily with a can of spray paint and simple pre-made fixtures.

Maya said...

Pretty cool! And if you can make them yourself, even better.

santamaker said...

Love these too! What a great idea ! I wanna copy !