Friday, July 3, 2009

St Armands Circle

Four quadrants around a circle make up St Armands

Spending the day at St Amands Circle will be the recipe for the day. Lots of shopping, laughing and just plan having fun with family. I think I'll sneak a latte into the mix or maybe a frappe.

St Armands Circle is in Sarasota, Fl and just off Lido Beach. Beautiful boutiques, restaurants and galleries are just some of the features of this area. I love to just sit, sip and people watch. The restaurants and shops are all pet friendly. LOVE THAT!!! I meet the most interesting people just by stopping a giving a pet to the pooches. It's not unusual for someone to strike up a conversation with you and before you know it they invite you to join their table.

I love the outdoor dining. I get to eat, drink and watch people all at the same time

or I could sit and watch other people eat

Well, gotta run and get ready



MetaJewelryDesign said...

One of my favorite places to shop and hang out! I'm sure you had a great time there - reminds me I need to make a trip there more often, too :)


Smilingsal said...

I'm a people watcher too. Thanks for sharing. Happy 4th of July.