Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Are The Chances

What are the chances of two central air conditioners breaking within two days of each other in both of your homes? I guess it would be 100% in my case. We have family staying at our island house and yep you guessed it. The day they arrived the air conditioner took it's final breath. So with much work we selected a new unit which will be installed this week. Living on an island in Florida and with no air, can I tell you how hot it is? So, the family has been coming to our house to cool off and swim in the pool. So, I get up this morning and think that it's mighty hot in my house. OK, why am I so hot? Let's take a look at the thermostat. It's says 85, how can that be right? Well, guess what? It was right, it's Broken..... So, I have some decisions to make after I made all of my phone calls.

I could stick my head in the freezer on and off for the rest of the day

or find a bucket and sit in it for the rest of the day

I could jump in the lake for the rest of the day

or submerge myself in the pool when it's not raining

Now, this got me thinking. I have two lawn mowers in the garage.



Smilingsal said...

Ohhh, no AC. You poor baby. I hope that you get it fixed FAST!

Susan S. said...

Oh girl....I feel your pain! Except I only have one house, but I'm single so that's enough! I had to replace my AC Christmas before last. YES...Florida and Texas are probably the only places you would KNOW the AC is broken during MERRY CHRISTMAS to me! I called and it took them two days to make a house call because lots of AC's are breaking in Houston. I had a warranty but not on the I still had a $150 bill with the diagnostics and labor to put in the part AND they had the nerve to charge $20 EXTRA because it was an after hours call. THEY are the ones that made the appointment for between 5-7 and then had to bump it back to 7-9 pm since they were running SO late. However...I'm not bitter...LOL...I do now how a cool house. Hope yours cools off soon! I'd hug ya...but it's just too fact we call it AFRICA HOT!!!!