Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Weekend Of Bliss

This has been one very busy week. I'm not getting much sleep, I'm eating in my car as I fly from school to work and last weekend I spent working on a project for school. I'm happy to say the project was turned in and my midterm exam is complete, YEAH!!! So, this weekend I am officially comatose. Total relaxation is the name of the game for the next two days. It's 2PM and I'm still in my jammies, gotta love it. I hear all of you wishing you could do the same. The good news is you can. Make an appointment with yourself and replenish your soul for the upcoming week. You may not be able to take an entire weekend to relax but carve out as much time as you can and take time to breathe. It may only be a few minutes, hours or days. But the important thing to remember is that we owe it to ourselves and the people around us. I know I'll be better for it on Monday when I start the cycle all over again.

This is the book that I picked up at the library the other day. Some of her books I have loved and others I haven't, but this looked like it might be a good one. So, I'm off to make a pumpkin latte and parked myself for a little read. Cheers!

Click here to read the NY Times review of The Story Sisters



SmilingSally said...

Ah, now that's the way to spend summertime!

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Oh, I do hope you are enjoying your relaxing weekend! Let us know how you liked the book.