Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brain Missing

I feel like my head is lodged in a massive cloud. My brain can't remember anything this week. I'm frustrated, tired and overloaded. This module is over on Friday and it can't come a day too soon. This week I'm having a hard time studying and retaining all the information. All I see are words on paper. I have four systems to remember, a project to present and vitals to be signed off on and to top it off, a final on Friday. The reward will be Fall break and a weeks vacation for me next week. I guess my questions is, where did my brain go? I know I told it we were going on vacation next week but I think the little weasel left a few days early. I sure hope it come back soon, but I'm having doubts that it's going to show up today. I think it told my nervous system to take over because my whole darn body hurts. Boy, don't I sound like alot of fun today. Well, I can only hope it gets better because I still have 8 hrs of work ahead of me. This body won't rest until I hurl myself into bed at midnight, ouch! I hope you guys are having a better day.



nannykim/ spindle cottage said...

Glad those years of studying are over for me!! I think so many of us still have nightmares at time because of all of the stress from our studies! It is a blessing to know you have a vacation--a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak!

SmilingSally said...

Poor Kathleen, almost anyone would have a better day. I'm happy that tomorrow promises to be better.