Saturday, October 3, 2009

Skeleton In The Bedroom

Ok, I know you've all heard the phrase, "You should have known when to stop". I am just finishing up my anatomy and physiology class. I have one more week to go. It's been brutal, a four month course crammed into one month. Learning four system a week has been interesting to say the least. Now, I know my bones, but do I want to look at them while relaxing in my bedroom? What do you think they were thinking? Were they out of artwork and the skeletal system was all they could find. Were they cramming to learn all the bones in one night. Do you think their getting in the Halloween spirit? What the heck were they thinking? Any thoughts??

If they have skeletons in their bedroom I wonder what lurks in the closet.

I love Candace Olson but this has me scratching my head.



Andrea said...

Definitely interesting, but not something I would want in my bedroom.

nannykim said...

Well, they were thinking that they didn't want an immoral nude picture--so this conveys the human anatomy in a way that is less offensive??? HMMM, may be they are chiropraters or orthopedic docs or something---HA. (ps--can't believe you had to cram all of that into your head....I am so glad I didn't become a nurse, although I seriously considered it; I would have probably accidently killed someone!! I did do some aid work for a while and loved it. I have just become a follower of your blog--have a nice day (ps I have a home blog as well which I will give you the link to when you click on my comment...oh and love your doggies)!