Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Solitary Mug

I love photos that evoke an emotion. This picture is very simple but very moving to me. What I love is the negative space and the part of the picture that is out of my view. I look at this picture and I want to know more. The mystery of what else there is that I can't see. I want to know what kind of tea is in that mug. Is it a breakfast blend or a sleeptime? Is the mug empty or full and awaiting someones return or did someone go off to bed. This is my vision...

The house is an old stone 2 story
It is a late November day
cloudy, slight drizzle with a nip in the air
It's early morning on a weekday
I have the day off from work
I just finished my tea
It is an Irish Breakfast tea
I'm spending the day alone
Taking a drive to a town outside of the city
Spending the day browsing the quaint shops
stopping at a cozy coffee house
for a latte, a little read and
people watching
Then back home for a late
afternoon tea
My mug awaits.....

I'd love to know what you envision when you look at this photo.


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