Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finding myself again

This is my source for inspiration. Living this close to the Gulf of Mexico is truly a blessing. In times when I need to find some quiet time, this is where I go, In times when I need to quiet myself and pray, this is where I go. In times when I need to find inspiration for my art, this is where I go. Listening to the sounds of the beach quiets my way too busy little head. For those that have followed my blog, you have probably noticed that I have been absent for a very long time. It has been both a very long 2 years but then again it also feels like it flew by. Going back to school, working a full time job and balancing a design business has been quite an undertaking. But I am happy to say that it is finally over. I sat for my board exams 2 wks ago and am very happy to say that I passed on the 1st try. It has been months and months of studying and I'm so happy it paid off. The test was 5 hrs and 40 min long and let me tell ya, it felt like it went by in minutes. I have to say that when it was over my brain turned to mush. I couldn't even put a thought together, couldn't even figure out where the car was parked So, guess where I headed? To the beach to watch the sunset and sip some wine and try to get my groove back. It felt so good to be able to not think... So, now that it is over, I am finally back to my art. Wow, did I miss it. I just escape when I am painting. I spent most of the holiday in my studio, painting, drinking lattes and just relaxing big time.
Recently I have been thinking that it would be so cool to spend some alone time in a little beach cottage on the Gulf. Maybe just a week or two. I would love to have a big table to work on that is directly in front of a large window overlooking the water. Think about all the inspiration I can gather, OH heaven..... The seahorse that you see in my new blog header is a watercolor painting that I completed over the weekend, I am currently working on a watercolor sea turtle. Just having a blast and finding myself again.
I am linking to A Southern Daydreamer, Outdoor Wednesday, jog on over and have a look. Blessings,


Riet said...

What a beautiful post.
Happy NewYear

Linda Makiej said...

Beautiful photography here!

Light and Voices said...

Happy New Year, Kathleen. I go to Lake Michigan to gather myself together also. The lake is my inspiration, my prayer spot, and just take in the beauty of nature.
Joyce M

Jo's This and That said...

Neat post! happy New Year!