Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have A Blessed New Year!!!

I'm wishing all of you the very happiest of New Year's. May all your wishes come true in the following year.
I found this great website with loads of party ideas. and thought I would share some New Year cheer.

The Bubbly is on...Them
Raising a glass of Champagne to toast the midnight hour is an essential part of every New Year's party, but how many take this fun approach?
Before filling glasses with the bubbly stuff, try filling a shallow bucket. Add a few slices of apple and host a very sophisticated version of bobbing for apples, which will be all the more fun if your guests are dressed in their best evening wear.

"Auld" Memories
Forget the past? No way! Instead of letting that "auld acquaintance" be forgotten, stir up the pot by remembering a few of the best moments of the old year before you ring in the new.
Go around the room and encourage guests to share the funniest, craziest, and most unforgettable moments of the past twelve months. Good or bad, if they come to mind then they're probably worth a mention.
Alternatively, you can take it one step further by inviting guests to bring their most embarrassing moments caught on tape. Put them together and you will all enjoy a rather nontraditional funniest home videos show that just might be the highlight of the evening. These new years party ideas are guaranteed to leave guests rolling with laughter!

Share Silly Resolutions

Almost everyone wants to become thin and wealthy in the New Year – it's practically a tradition in itself – but resolutions don't have to be boring!
Challenge guests to come up with the funniest and best resolutions for the upcoming year or ask them to share follies from the past. Nothing gets a party going faster than laughter, and sharing resolutions will get you there in a hurry.

Here is the printable version of New Year's luck.

Skip the TV Coverage

The finale of every great New Year's party is the official countdown, and virtually every time zone has the spectacular event televised from an exotic destination or major city.
Part of the long-standing New Year's Eve tradition is for the program to be a part of the party, but why not celebrate the evening yourselves instead of watching other folks do it on television? You don't need to forego the televised celebration altogether, but you can keep the sound off until the big moment arrives. Leave it muted in the background until it's time for everyone to count down and toast the New Year.
When you don't fill the party with the sounds of the television, there's room for mingling and conversation. You can fill that time with engaging, original New Year's Eve party ideas to make your party an unforgettable one!
If there are many guys at your party, let them play the New Years' bowl trivia.

Splurge on a Spectacular Centerpiece

The New Year's Eve party is widely regarded as the biggest celebration of the year, and you can make sure yours is at the top if you have an amazing focal point.
If you decorate around a centerpiece such as the enchanted clock decorative set you will creative a truly unforgettable party scene.
The oversized clock, at 10' high and 12' wide, is a stunning background prop for posing for pictures. With the time set just before midnight, it's a fitting reminder of the occasion. Add silver and gold balloons throughout the rest of the room and you and your guests will start the New Year in fabulous style!

Capture Memories

Have guests pose for photos so you can send them home with memories to last the whole year. Something as simple as a background of balloons tied together at varying heights to create a solid wall of glitz will match the magic of the night and reflect the hopes and dreams of the year to come.
Cheers to a happy and healthy 12 months.


Susan said...

Happy New Year~ see you in 2009~

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks for the fun ideas - I'm going to try a few tonight :)