Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Come Away With Me

Take time to Dream

Feel the sand between your toes

Come away with me. To an island paradise, where cares are swept away with the ebbing tide, where the soft island breeze caresses your skin, where the sun warms you from the inside out, where you are reunited with your soul. Come away with me and dream the dream of dreamers.
Close your eyes and picture your favorite vacation spot. Take time out of your busy day to Day Dream. Feel the ocean breeze, hear the crashing waves, the sea gulls are calling... Come away with me

Watch the sun as it drifts into the ocean at days end. Gaze up at the moon as it floats between the stars. Hear the wind as it rustles the palm branches, calling, Come away with me.
Relaxation is a state of mind. A decision based on thought. A desire to venture into a state of calm. Hear my call, Come away with me.
My hope is that you are able to find your quiet place.


Shelia said...

Evening, Kathleen! Oh, how luscious this get a way sounds. I'll come away with you! Let me pack my bags!
Be a sweetie and Happy New Year!
Shelia :)

kymber said...

Oh! Heavenly!
Thanks for the "vacation of the mind"

Wish I could feel that sand between my toes today!