Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas At My House

I can't believe how fast the holiday season is going. The weather in Florida is so beautiful and warm, it just doesn't feel like winter. I have to say that I don't miss the snow in Pennsylvania.

This week I am going to post pictures of my home decorated for the holidays. Grab another cup of coffee and enjoy.
This display is on an old dresser that was my Mother and Grandmother's. I filled each candle holder with sand and placed cream colored candles in each of them. They are resting on a green wreath encrusted with faux ice. I used battery candles, I just LOVE them and I have them all over the house. I placed glitter snowballs in the pedestal bowl and placed glitter snowflakes next to the candle. The wreath at the base of the bowl is faux ice as well. The stars are amazing, I found them at a garden center several years ago. I placed them over the mirror so that they will reflect. The bulbs are halogen and give a magical glow at night. The table runner is encrusted with silver crystal beads that I picked up at one of the discount stores. I love sitting in my living room and just looking at all the sparkle, it's very relaxing.
I'll be back tomorrow to share more pictures with you.

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once in a blue moon... said...

all of your holiday decorations are beautiful!