Sunday, April 26, 2009

Equestrian Design

The Kentucky Derby is on Saturday and I thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate equestrian or hunt style decor. Ralph Lauren has always captured my attention in his print ads. The subject matter used in his ads are design book worthy. His designs in fashion and home decor are classic and timeless. The ads tell a story and you know I'm all about the story.

My home in Pennsylvania was decorated in the English Country Style. My family room was decorated in the Hunt Style and I had quite a few pieces of equestrian art. I sold those items when I moved to Florida and my style of decorating changed. The look is a bit heavy for the climate down here.

I believe you can look into a horses eye and see their very soul.

Gosh, I miss riding. I rode for quite awhile when I lived in Pa. I lived near Valley Forge State Park and would ride in the park, meadows, trails and along the creek. There is nothing better than spending a day riding through the country with the wind in your hair.

You don't have to travel far from Philadelphia and into the suburbs to see beautiful horse farms. We would often go to see horse shows, hunts and cross country events. These events were great for tailgating and enjoying picnics on the lawn.

Many people would arrive with antique cars and have tailgating parties. They would bring out their best crystal and silver.

I went through my archive of photos and found these wonderful rooms. Some are from the Ralph Lauren Home Collection.

I really want to ride again.

Aren't they just beautiful?


marty39 said...

Love the look. It is probably my favorite. I am with you that my last home was decorated in the reds, greens and with a very definite Lauren-hunt theme. In the desert I agree, this hot climate makes the look overwhelming. I am now trying to incorporate more of a English Country look. It's hard to make the switch, but I'm trying. Thanks for the great pictures. I so love this style. Hugs, Marty

Terry said...

Oh how I love the Ralph lauren look, thank you for sharing all the fabulous photos.
It makes me a little misty eyed we had to downsize when we moved and I am still trying out different styles for our 2/3 smaller down size .
Less to keep organized and clean ?
I love the picture of the toe dipping into the water !
Have a fantastic evening.