Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Softly Fallen Rain


Through a windowpane
Streaked with sliding rain
Outside world has changed:
Blurry, velvet stain. Every house and car—
Soft where edges are…
Water painting sky
makes each light a star

The love of a rainy day. The day shrouded in mystery from low dark clouds. Home comforts and protects us from the pelting drops that slide down the windowpane. The world all blurry as though looking through a dirty lens. Sitting and watching the droplets as they caress the ground. The flowers dancing as the wind glides across the petals. The tree limbs gentle swaying as the winds blows through. What a wonderful show that I could watch over and over. Nature, the never ending saga.

Have a blessed day,


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

What a neat post! I enjoy a rainy day from time to time, too. It's a break in the pattern. And it's a quiet reprieve. My grass and hibiscus bushes are lapping up the puddles and the pool is brimming at capacity! {I love sunshine, too!}

Smilingsal said...

I am the opposite; I have never liked the rain.